EUNEFRON Program ended  

Dear visitor,

From the first of May 2012, the EUNEFRON program has officially ended. The registry and Genotyping information on this page will remain available however, this website will not be further updated.

Please be aware of the ERA-EDTA Working Group on Inherited Kidney Disorders.

With kind regards,

The EUNEFRON management

Registration for Eunefron symposium  

On March 9-10 2012, the closing symposium and general assembly meetings of the Eunefron program took place.


Dominik Müller wins Adalbert-Czerny-Prize  

For his work on the new gene CNNM2, associated with hypomagnesemia, Dominik Müller won the Adalbert-Czerny-Prize 2011. A German pressrelease can be viewed here.

Venue and final date Eunefron 2012  

The final Eunefron meeting in 2012 will take place in Berlin. Please mark March 9-10 2012 in your calendar! (arrival on March 8th)!



Partner Change  

For administrational reasons, University College London was replaced by Great Ormond Street Hospital as a Eunefron Partner.

Meeting of the Steering Committee  

On August 2nd, the Steering Committee met via telephone conference. Discussed were the schedule of the final meeting of the consortium in 2012 and interactions of the Cystinosis group with Prof John Feehally.

Nobel Channels symposium Nijmegen Netherlands  

November 14-15 2011, at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre. For more information, download the flyer here.

New EU scientific officer  

As of February 6th 2011, the Eunefron project has been transferred to Ms. Gratiela Dobirta. We look forward to a pleasant cooperation and thank Grigorij Kogan for his help and patience with the project during the first two reporting periods.

Meeting of the Steering Committee  

On February 7th, the Steering Committee met via telephone conference. Discussed were the venue for the final meeting of the consortium in 2012 and the remaining budget for the final reporting period.

Second periodic report to EU  

The progress report on the second project period (M13-30) has been sent to the EU.

Samantha Parker appointed member EUCERD.  

Eunefron Advisory Board member Samantha Parker has been appointed as a member of the European Union Committee of Experts on Rare Diseases (EUCERD). If you would like to read more about this, please click here.

Registration for Symposium only.  

The Eunefron Symposium is open to visitors from outside the consortium.If you are interested in attending please click here to download the symposium program and additional information.

Periodic meeting and Symposium registration now open  

Please use this form to register. Also, please book your own hotel. A list of suggested hotels can be found in the registration form.

22-23 October 2010  

Final date of the second periodic meeting of the EUNEFRON consortium.
Please find the program and flyer here.

16 June 2010   Telephone meeting of the cystinosis group.
1 March 2010   Request for Pendred patients to join a treatment study. For more information, please read more here.
22-24 March 2010   Rare Disease symposium, Brussels. (Program)
19 January 2010   Meeting of the cystinosis group in Paris.
15 January 2010   Update of the Genotyping and Registry pages.
1 January 2010   Official approval by the EU regarding the addition of partner 9, KU Leuven.
12 December 2009   Meetings of the registry and cystinosis groups in Paris.
8 September 2009   EUNEFRON's first periodic report approved by the EU.
8 September 2009   EUNEFRON's first periodic report approved by the EU.
21 April 2009   Eunefron's first periodic report handed in with the EU.
16-18 April 2009   Eunefron's first periodic meeting is held in Zurich.
23-24 May 2008   Eunefron kicks off with a meeting in Brussels.